The Reputation of Corelle

The Reputation of Corelle

Progression and Reputation of Corelle

I was bragging to some of my middle-aged coworkers about the recent purchase of our new Corelle dinnerware set from the outlets we visited over the weekend. The popular household name which got a raging head start in the 70’s was quite popular in their younger days. One woman responded, “Do they still make that stuff!?” I was astounded. Absolutely, they still make that stuff! And, it’s even better than it was 40 years ago.

The same coworker, who was surprised to learn of Corelle’s continued success, reminisced about the butterfly gold pattern of the Corelle dishes that were commonly used at her mother’s house nearly 30 years ago. After a quick internet search, I was pleasantly surprised to see the same familiar dishes that were used at my grandmother’s house when I was a child. Butterfly gold must have been a hot ticket item.

The more we searched this historic company, the more I learned about their continued reputation for durability and versatility. Where else can you find this level of quality, aesthetically interesting design patterns, unique shapes and textures, and most importantly, dinnerware that is both microwave and dishwasher safe!? Sign me up.

Corelle has come a long way from the ancient butterfly gold, and they now offer a wide variety of bold floral patterns and whimsical geometrics. Solid sets, molded textures, and even intricate designs that mimic an elaborate watercolor painting are all design options offered by Corelle. Shoppers can now peruse an array of modern inspired square dishes that are available in basic solids or contemporary patterns.

Corelle is surprisingly not limited to just dinnerware pieces. This company offers an assortment of drinking glasses, flatware, serving bowls, baking dishes, stoneware, and decorated children’s plates inspired by animals. In fact, Corelle even offers a line of reusable water bottles and table linens.