How to Buy Corelle Dinnerware Sets

How to Buy Corelle Dinnerware Sets

Do you Know Where to Buy Corelle Dinnerware Sets

Are you a young adult leaving the comforting nest of home and in need of establishing the basic kitchen necessities? Are you simply interested in upgrading your bachelor quality, mismatched set of plates and bowls? Perhaps you no longer have to worry about accident prone children bunglingly dropping or chipping your dishes? If it’s time to purchase new plates, bowls, and cups, you’ve probably been researching where to buy the best dinnerware set. There are a myriad of retailers that offer quality dinnerware, but the following are some of the top rated options according to customer satisfaction ratings.

Retail Stores

Outlet retailer – there are multiple outlet retail locations throughout the United States. In fact, there are more than 65 outlets that sell Corelle dinnerware all across the nation.

Macys – Macys is one of the oldest and most reputable department stores in the country. They have stores located in a myriad of major cities.

Bed Bath & Beyond – Not only does Bed Bath & Beyond carry a wide selection of Corelle products, but they offer regular coupons and discounts to regular customers.

Target – this major chain retailer carries more than 36 different Corelle dinnerware sets. They also have a variety of accessory and individual pieces.

Walmart – this discount chain retailer has established a relationship with (see below) so any Corelle offering that is not readily available in Walmart’s stock can be facilitated through Wayfair. This provides customers with a tremendous amount of variety.

Sears – Like Walmart, Sears has a mutual relationship with Kmart, so anything in stock through Kmart is available for purchase through Sears.

Corelle dinnerware is also available at many popular retailers that are exclusive to online shopping. Ebay, Wayfair, Amazon, and Yahoo all carry a plethora of Corelle dinnerware and accessory items. Consumers should be sure to double check for extra tax and shipping charges before placing their online order. Many of these popular retailers have a tendency to display a reduced price, only to compensate with a higher shipping rate. Regardless of where you purchase your Corelle dinnerware set, see the Corelle Dinnerware Warranty for information concerning any items that may become damaged from normal household use.