Do You Know How to Set A Dinner Table

Do You Know How to Set A Dinner Table

How to Set a Dinner Table

There is just something so nostalgic and special about setting the dinner table with all the extra fine details and formality of a fancy meal. Arranging the various pieces of our Corelle dinnerware set, meticulously laying out the silverware, and delicately folding the napkins all complete the finishing touches to the dining room table. If we are celebrating for a holiday or some other momentous occasion, a decorative centerpiece, a trinket, or some other festive adornment is sure to make itself into the precise lineup.

The dinner plate goes under the salad bowl. The forks are always to the left, while the knives and spoons are on the right. The bread plate is situated at 11 o’clock and the water glass at 2. Why do I go through the extra steps of setting the table in such an elaborate manner? I do this because it is a time honored tradition that was passed down from my precious great grandmother. I do this because it makes me feel proud of my heritage and our family customs. I feel a sense of satisfaction deep in my soul when I see the blessings of a beautifully organized table, food abounding the entire length, and the ones that I loved most gathering around to enjoy a meal.

I set the table with our Corelle dinnerware so that my family can enjoy a sophisticated experience from home. My children can learn about etiquette, dignity, and the conventional courtesies of a sit-down meal here in our dining room. We can laugh, reminisce, and discuss our daily doings. In our beautiful, chaotic lifestyle that rarely slows down, our family meals are a breath of fresh air, a sigh of relief, and an opportunity to grow together as a family.

Even when we choose to eat together and forgo the formal settings, our Corelle dinnerware can dually serve as a casual option. It doesn’t take expensive china and high-dollar silver to enjoy each other’s company, a home cooked meal, and the precious opportunity to create unforgettable memories.