Corelle Outlet Store Locations

Corelle Outlet Store Locations

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Some of my fondest childhood memories include recollections of the fellowship shared around my grandmother’s dining room table.  Every Sunday after church, we would load up our Corelle plates until they were brimming over with soul food, crowd around that long table, and eat until we could eat no more.  I spent countless hours sitting at that table listening to the entertaining stories told by the adults. That kitchen and those plates became a comforting routine, a nostalgic representation of my grandmother, a pattern that suited her, and needless to say, her dinnerware was quite sought after by her kids when she passed away. After all, it was priceless. That Corelle dinnerware set had become more than just a collection of dishes. It was a reminder of all the memories that were made over the years of enjoying Sunday dinner at her house.

My mom inherited those dishes, and she continued the tradition of pulling out the Corelle plates every Sunday after church where we would all enjoy a dinner fit for a king. I still cannot believe how that one set of dishes has lasted so many years. There is no telling how many cycles through the dishwasher and many microwave hours those dishes have been exposed to, yet they are still going strong.

There was no doubt in my mind when my fiance and I started registering for our wedding shower that Corelle dinnerware was a must. After experiencing their unmatched quality and seeing their progression of modern designs, another dish set was just simply out of the question. After all, no other dishware set provides the same level of durability, versatility, and quality, all at an affordable price.

Corelle outlet store locations are spread all across the country. With a heavy sprinkling of locations up and down the East coast, anyone living in a state that borders the Atlantic Ocean is in a relatively reasonable distance from an outlet retailer. There are also several Corelle outlet store locations along the West coast, with a handful more scattered in the Midwest.

When we happily checked out of the outlet store located in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, as the proud new owners of a traditional Corelle dinnerware set, I knew that my grandmother was looking down and smiling. It has been such a pleasure to confidently carry on such a time honored tradition in our family.