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Corelle A New Age in Dinnerware

Times are changing. It is the one constant thing we can observe throughout our lives. Regardless of what aspect is concerned, things rarely stay the same. It is because of this unpredictability that people try to look for stability and strength in all things.

With Corelle, you get just that. When you need a product that is strong and stylish in equal measure, our selection of Corelle dinnerware sets will sure have you reveling in a wise purchase for days afterward. Our inventory features some of the best pieces in the market today with an updated stock that keep up with trends and demands.

Our Corelle outlet stores are ready and waiting to accommodate all your needs, allowing you to shop with comfort and ease, and all the while keeping your interests at heart. Our website and blog have been designed with fluidity and a user-friendly experience in mind. Everything from start to finish of your buying process has been fine tuned to keep things simple and efficient for you, so you keep coming back.

A History

In its most basic form, Corelle is a dinnerware brand on its own. With a prestigious history dating back to the 1970’s that is steeped in innovation and design, the name has been consistently tied with quality and durability.

A key aspect of the brand and its popularity are attributed to its main material: vitrelle, a triple laminated coating that consists of two different types of tempered glass. Under the very specific conditions of its manufacturing result in a product that is strength, whilst staying thinner and lighter than other materials used in dinnerware.

This trademark strength and slimness means that a variety of personalization is opened up to designers and creators. The plates can be engraved with little to no fear of damaging it in the process, and can be beveled of embossed if the concept is found to be appealing. This is a level of flexibility and creativity that only a product made of vitrelle can bring.

A Streamlined Purchase

We like to give our customers the power and the satisfaction when they choose to shop with us. Our wide range of products features some of the best pieces on sale, and we make sure to shuffle our inventory whenever new arrivals come in. This is to ensure that the latest and the hottest goods are available at all times.

Our dinnerware sets are fit for a variety of occasions, ranging from casual get-togethers and formal gatherings. The design potential of our brand and products allow us to put a unique touch to each set so that you can get a feel right away for what you could be using them for. At the same time, whilst our items remain slim and lightweight, the overall density lent by the triple-layer of vitrelle gives each plate, glass or cups that solid, dense feel that speaks of authenticity and reliability.

Finding that perfect dinner set has never been easier with Corelle! For a brand that has survived the test of time and stays stylish all throughout, the logical choice stands right before your eyes.